I couldn't help myself. Once Brynn started crawling was always getting herself in sticky situations. This being the most common spot: under the chair at my desk. She crawls straight in through the back, there is no room to go forward, and she doesn't know how to go backward. She sits under there bawling and tries to climb out over the sides, or under the sides.. but it was just too hard. My sweet babies have this magic ability to create crocodile tears on command. Caden can go from no tears, to giant tears dropping like rain from his eyes. I don't know how they do it.. but it just about break my heart every time it happens. Her crocodile tears started welling up in her eyes and instead of helping her.. I grabbed my camera. Awe, I'm so mean.. but really her sad little face is just so adorable. Daddy came to her rescue and she was all smiles again. She loves her Daddy, and let's be honest here.. She has him wrapped around her little finger.

IMG_9796 copywr

IMG_9799 copywr

IMG_9815 copywrIMG_9813 copywr


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