Brynnley has been nursing exclusively since she was born. She took a bottle occasionally up until about 7 weeks, but after that she just rejected it. It never bothered me, I have really enjoyed nursing her and it has been such a good thing for us. I am planning on nursing her till she is 12-14 months. I like how natural it is, my supply adjusts to her need, and it's free! I have been feeling the pressure of getting her on a bottle though and it has been a really big struggle for us. We have spent a lot of time trying to make it work for her. With her sleep training we started trying to give her a bottle at night. She finally started taking a little interest over the end of February. She was taking the bottle pretty well for a while and now she is back and forth. Sometimes she won't drink more than an ounce, other times she will drink 3 ounces. I always try to fill her tummy before bed with cinnamon apple oatmeal and then do the bottle. At least I know I'm not putting her to bed hungry if she won't take the bottle. Caden always wanted to help her with the bottle. These pictures were just so precious. He really loves his little sister so much, and he has been a big help in getting her to take a bottle. He is such a good big brother. Hopefully the bottle training goes well from here on out!

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