Here is my collection of random camera pictures from February. Overall, we had a much much better month in February. We spent a lot of time inside still, cleaning, organizing.. We had such amazing weather. There were a couple of days warm enough for the park! I don't know what changed mother nature's mind.. but I have loved this years break from a frozen ice land. Brynnley got her first tooth on the bottom right the first week in Ferbruary, by the end of the month she had all 4 front teeth. I was kind of dreading the whole teeth + nursing thing.. but she has been very nice, I've only been bit once ;) I love that she has teeth now. She LOVES to eat solid foods. This last week she had 2 (baby size) bowls of chopped up spaghetti. She loves to have snacks with us, bits of cut up apples, and sliced grapes. She loves crunchy foods: crackers and chips. 

She loves graham crackers. It is a great little snack to keep her hands and mouth busy.

IMG_0299 copywrIMG_0310 copywr

IMG_0300 copywr

Playing with brother on the couch

IMG_0383 copywr

ok.. I couldn't help myself. Naked baby bum.. come on. We sit in the family room after baths with the hair dryer and get nice and warm. Then Brynn likes to roam the house naked, she tries to get away before I can whip on the diaper.

IMG_0277 copywrIMG_0279 copywr

Brynn really started liking our baby books in February. She loves to turn the pages and point at the pictures. Caden will pull her close and read to her. I love his totally made up stories about the pictures, I have a feeling he gets this from his daddy and poppy ;)

IMG_0046 copywr

IMG_0049 copywr

..... and the blessed sucker. Caden got this sucker as a valentine from school. He never ate it, and Brynnley decided to take it as her own. It was sitting in her toy box for weeks. She loved to suck on the plastic wrapper and hit us with it.

IMG_0066 copywr

IMG_0077 copywr

She found the mirror in our room. She loves to crawl and sit in front of it and talk to that cute baby. She hits the mirror and laughs at herself. One day she gathered a few things from around my computer, my lens cap and apple core and crawled to sit in front of the mirror. Then stuffed both of them in her mouth, and tried to share them with her baby friend ;)

IMG_0393 copywrIMG_0401 copywr

I have to clean my mirror often now...


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