We spend a lot of time sitting around baskets of toys playing on the floor. February was so sunny and I loved soaking up the warm rays by our windows. Brynnley has found a love for her baby dolls. She loves to lick them and touch the tiny features on their faces. I love this little mini baby doll. It has blue eyes and looks just like B herself ;) Here are some random pictures from an afternoon in Sissy's room

IMG_0218 copywr

IMG_0223 copywr

IMG_0228 copywr

IMG_0233 copywr

IMG_0203 copywr

IMG_0204 copywr
there's that car again..
IMG_0202 copywr

IMG_0212 copywr

IMG_0244 copywrIMG_0240 copywr
I love that he is reading the book upside down, he was "reading" to me, telling me all about babies.
IMG_0263 copywr

IMG_0265 copywr


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