Oh, the weather is quite the topic around here, these days. The whole week will be sunny, in the 50's.. then randomly on the weekend we'll get a foot of snow. No really, this was probably the most snow we've had all winter. I kind of love having the weather up and down. Gloomy days we stay cozy inside. Sunny days we play at the park. Snowy days... we go tubing with Poppy! Up on the mountain by their house there was quite a lot of snow, enough to go sledding at least. We went up in the morning. The kiddos rode on the motorcycle while we were waiting for Gabe to come. Brynnley used to be terrified of the sound the little motorcycles made, but now she will squirm out of my arms to chase after them. She loves to ride with Caden, and he's so cute holding her tight while he drives.

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They all headed up the mountain with a tube, a sled (which Taylor mutilated on the rocks) and the 4 wheeler. I ran and did some grocery shopping, then headed back for a few runs and some pictures. Caden took a few hits while I was gone, but he's a tough kid and didn't let it put a damper in his fun. I haven't been on a tube in.. well years. Please excuse my lion's mane. I am trying not to use heat on my hair so it will grow.. and thus a frizzy poofy mess. It'll be totally worth it ;). We took turns riding down the hill and Taylor would toss the tube back up after each run.

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The hill we were tubing down happened to be the place that Taylor proposed to me over 4 years ago. I have been wanting to go back up and take some pictures while there was snow. He proposed to me at night, we rode up on the 4 wheeler to look over the city. You can see the whole valley from up there. He got down on one knee and proposed in this exact spot, wearing the exact same coat. I love this man and my life would not be the same without him. He is my best friend and I am so grateful he took me as his bride.

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At the end Caden was cold and begging to go back down to the house. He lookes like such a young man in these pictures, It kills me!

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Thanks for the fun day Poppy!


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Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

how fun! I love sledding! Caden is looking so big - what a little stud!