I love playing with my baby. She is so entertaining and full of energy.

On the days Caden is at preschool we get to spend a few hours of mommy daughter time. She has grown up so much over the last month. She is totally adorable, wanting to be independent, and so fearless.

It has been so warm outside, and our house stays at about 74 without the heater. This last several weeks our windows have been open almost every day, because it gets so warm inside. I let Brynnley cruise around in her diaper, or put her in a cute little romper on hot days. I love little girl rompers. This one, in particular, is probably my favorite. I made some jersey headbands a few weeks back, I came across some on etsy that I loved, but the girl has closed shop for a while. I decided to try making them, they couldn't be that hard. They were a total piece of cake, and they are so adorable. I love the stretchy soft fabric, they are so comfy looking!

Like I said before.. This girl loves toys. She loves to tip her basket over and pick out her favorites. When she concentrates she sticks her tongue out just like her daddy and brother. It is so adorable.

IMG_0728 copywrIMG_0725 copywr

IMG_0724 copywrIMG_0743 copywr

My lens cap has to be one of her favorite toys.

IMG_0737 copywr

She pulls herself up on just about anything. She has no fear. She takes falls and gets bruises, rarely cries and gets right back up to try again. She spotted her blankie in her bed and couldn't get it out by herself. I love her sad face. She is so cute standing on those tiny little feet.

IMG_0750 copywrIMG_0752 copywr

IMG_0755 copywrIMG_0759 copywr

She loves to look out the windows, she's not quite tall enough to see over the edge. She curls her toes under and stands on them to try and get a peek. I love those yummy baby legs. She has the cutest little legs and feet. She is just getting to the point where I'm thinking about taking her up a shoe size. She has been in 0-3 month shoes for months, and they still fit her little feet. I love her wispy little hairs glistening in the sun.

IMG_0765 copywrIMG_0771 copywr

IMG_0783 copywrIMG_0784 copywr

IMG_0778 copywrIMG_0785 copywr
When she can't see out her own window, she will crawl over to the door in our bedroom. She loves this window because she can actually see out of it. She looks so big kneeling up to to peek out the blinds.
IMG_0802 copywrIMG_0808 copywr

IMG_0805 copywrIMG_0809 copywr

IMG_0815 copywrIMG_0818 copywr

She is totally my Summer baby. Born on the first day of Summer, loves the sun, and loves being outside. I can't wait to take her out all Summer long. My babies and I are going to have a blast.


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n.davis said...

I love her headband you made. Seriously you are so talented!! She is just such a sweet girl! Gorgeous!

Ps I Love all your posts, so so sweet!