March has been a good month. I am finally getting used to having a little mover. It is a big change when a baby goes from laying and sitting to crawling and roaming. This little girl.. goodness. She keeps me on my toes. She wants to be so big and independent, yet.. she's such a clingy mama's girl. I have my hands full with this one ;)

She has really enjoyed taking baths with Caden, but most of the time it is easier for me to just throw him in the shower. He loves showers. He has been taking showers since he was 3 weeks old! Brynnley heard him in the shower and crawled through the cracked door. She went in and started squawking and squealing at him. I will take her in the shower with me occasionally, but I have to hold her so it doesn't happen very often. She is pretty sturdy standing against things and she's crawling like a champ, so I decided to let her try the shower with Caden. I put her on her knees and figured she could just crawl around the floor. She crawled right over to the edge and pulled herself up! She played with Caden's toys and had a great time with him. I kept a very close eye on her to make sure she didn't slip, but she didn't have any problems. Sorry for all the naked bum pictures ;)

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Caden loves to snuggle with us on the couch. He practically sits on top of us. I love watching him sit and watch movies or play on Taylor's ipad. He is so animated, I don't know where he gets his crazy facial expressions. oh wait... yes I do ;)

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Brynnley got her 4 front teeth the end of February. The bottom ones are close together, but the top ones have a huge gap, just like Caden. 
Cute little munchkin.

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Caden got this bounce back race car for Christmas, it has had top toy ratings for the last few years. It is such a great toy. It only goes back and forth, but it flips over and is super durable! We play with it all the time. Even Taylor and I have a good time driving it. We chase Brynnley with it, she may like it even more than Caden does.

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IMG_0825 copywrIMG_0830-2 copywr

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Naked diaper change escapee.

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I love this picture, drinking her bottle with her blankie, on Daddy's lap. What a life.

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