The weekend before last we spent the day down at my parents house. All of my sibling were there and we did a serious job of cleaning out my parent's garage. We pulled everything out. Went through everything, threw stuff away and totally re-organized. I think they ended up with a van full of garbage for the dump, and a van full of stuff for DI. It was a seriously productive day. I was in charge of going through all of our old toys. Man.. talk about hard task. Now that I have kids there were so many things I wanted to keep for them to play with! Plus there was so much sentimental value to a lot of the toys that I had as a child. We all did a good job and their garage looks amazing now. We had a picnic in the back yard, it was 60 degrees! I love this march weather. We played some football and jumped on the trampoline. Brynnley has never experienced grass before after she took a nap I brought her out to join the party. We put her on the grass and she was instantly concerned. She wasn't sure how to crawl on it. Granted it is mostly still dead, so it is pretty pokey. She held one hand up, and the opposite foot up in the air so less of her would be touching the grass. She really didn't like the stuff. I'm sure that will change when it's nice and green and soft. We pulled out a blanket and let her play with a ball while the rest of us ran around. She was totally content to sit in the sun, she loves being outside.

The neighbor was pruning his fruit trees in the backyard. A huge branch fell on our side of the fence, Caden cautiously walked over and retrieved it. He turned around with a huge grin on his face and pranced back over with the giant branch. Like it was a prize or something ;) Then he started swinging it like a sword, go figure.

Brynnley had some snuggle time with Uncle Lane. She really loves him, I'm so glad he didn't miss out on too much of her life. She was squealing and pulling all sorts of faces for the camera. I love to see them bonding! 

We got a movie and had papa murphy's and lots of treats. Our kids were both out of it by the time we left. Caden got way too much sun, I didn't even think about sunscreen. It happens to me every year. We have one bad burning that is enough to remind me I need to put some 50 spf on my white boy for the rest of the summer!

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