Every time I vacuum Brynnley's room the kids make their way up on the rocking chair to watch. Brynnley has found a new love for her toothbrush and carries it all over the house. Caden is just so cute with her. When she got distracted and let go of her toothbrush he picked it up and started brushing her hair with it. It was soaking wet from her sucking on it and she had slobber streaks all through her hair. I can't believe she still wears this dress. This is one of her 0-3 month dresses, now it's more like a long tank top, but she still has plenty of room to grow in it. Tiny thing.

It was a nice day and Caden kept begging me to pull out some bubbles. We have never done bubbles with Brynnley and she is at the perfect age to enjoy them. Caden was so excited to blow bubbles for her. We were both rolling with laughter over her faces. She would close her eyes so tight every time he blew the bubbles. I am still dying over her cute squinty face. She liked the bubbles after a while. She had popped bubble solution all over her hair. After a while she would squeal every time after the bubbles would pop around her. She would squint, then squeal, then laugh. We had a great time out on our deck. Eventually she wanted the bubble container and was more interested in the spilled bubbles on the floor. I took her back inside so she didn't get into too much trouble. The screen door was closed and Caden blew bubbles at her from the outside. She was thrilled to kneel against the screen and watch the bubbles pop some more. I just need to go get more bubble solution so we can do this all the time!

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IMG_1221 copywrb

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IMG_1227 copywrsIMG_1230 copywrs

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IMG_1236 copywrb

You can tell in this first picture that Caden is getting ready to blow the bubbles, she is looking slightly concerned ;)

IMG_1237 copywrsIMG_1235 copywrs

Her scared to screeching faces -- she would get so scared then screech, almost as a release of fear, and then she'd laugh.

IMG_1241 copywrsIMG_1242 copywrs

IMG_1257 copywrb

IMG_1258 copywrsIMG_1245 copywrs

IMG_1249 copywrsIMG_1251 copywrs

That repeat squinting face just makes me laugh!


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