Last week Poppy got a pretty nifty set of 90cc kid 4-wheelers. When he sent us a picture of the little white and blue wheelers Caden was ecstatic. He loves anything to do with motorcycles and going fast. He rides the little toy motorcycles endlessly inside at Mimi and Poppy's. This however is a little different than a plastic toy motorcycle. Poppy sent us to a local shop to pick out a helmet for Caden. The owner had one Fulmer helmet left in Caden's size. Bright yellow and black. He looks like a little motocross champ in it! We took him up a couple days later to teach him how to ride. It was such a nice day, we even had a picnic at the park for lunch because it was so warm and sunny! He was so excited to ride his blue wheeler. He loves anything blue, so of course he chose that one as "his". Taylor sat on the back with him and they drove back and forth down the drive way a couple times. On their second trip back Taylor was holding his hands up in the air while Caden was driving! Thrilling! He caught on so fast. Taylor ran around behind him holding the tether while Caden drove. The governor is set so they can only cruise about 4-5 mph. When Taylor was tired of chasing him around he went and grabbed the little white wheeler and tied a rope to the tether so he could just drive behind. They rode for a good while. Caden was a total natural, he still has some practicing to do.. but for the most part his first day driving a 4-wheeler was a great success. Brynnley and I sat on a little blanket and cheered Caden on as he drove around. Brynnley kept going off the blanket trying to eat rocks and leaves.. ya know, the good stuff! She took one lick of the pebbles and spat them back out. She was thrilled to watch Caden ride, she would squeal every time he came around the corner. She squeals a lot, she is quite the chatter box. I took her for a short little ride up the driveway and she thought that was pretty great, kicking and yapping whole time.

IMG_1295 copywr

IMG_1300 copywr

Look at that cute hair! I love her little tuft, it's getting so long! Well.. for my babies it's long ;)

IMG_1296 copywr

digging for pebbles

IMG_1302 copywr

IMG_1280 copywr

IMG_1288 copywrb

IMG_1314 copywrsIMG_1310 copywrs

IMG_1309 copywrb

IMG_1317 copywrb

eating a leaf.. yumm

IMG_1326 copywrsIMG_1323 copywrs

IMG_1325 copywrb

IMG_1330 copywrsIMG_1342 copywrs

I love her face: what is that on your head brother?

IMG_1327 copywrb

IMG_1353 copywrsIMG_1362 copywrs

IMG_1364 copywr

IMG_1372 copywr

Then we went inside and played with toys for a little bit. Brynn follows him everywhere, she adores him can you tell?

IMG_1377 copywrb

IMG_1381 copywrsIMG_1385 copywrs

and.. I'd like to pat myself on the back. I am all caught up!


Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Wow Caden is so grown up! How fun!!!

n.davis said...

Love these all!!!!

Ps your kids are so so cute!