Have I mentioned that she is obsessed with popcorn? Really she would even take popcorn over nursing... which is saying a lot! She has loved popcorn since she was about 4 months old. When I came home from the hospital I craved (more than anything) popcorn and root beer. I don't even drink soda.. so don't ask me why. I was seriously addicted. The craving strike lasted till she was about 6 months old. We would make popcorn all the time and when she started other solid foods at 4 months she thought that meant she could eat what we were eating too. She would get so interested when we would bring a bowl of popcorn over to the couch. I would break off tiny little pieces that didn't have any popcorn kernel and feed them to her. She loved it. Now that she is really eating big people food she thinks she can basically hog the popcorn bowl. I can't get her tight little fists off the edge of the bowl to save my life. She will hold on tight with one hand, bury her head and other arm inside and inhale. She will climb over and claw (literally claw our skin) her way to the popcorn bowl. We rarely make popcorn when she is awake anymore because it is kind of a joke. I can't keep her away from it without making her scream. I don't know what it is about popcorn.. but I can pretty much guarantee it is her favorite food. Oh, little popcorn piggy, I love you.

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Kara and Cody Markham said...

That is so funny!!

:: ashley :: said...

seeing as how we have a mutual adoration for popcorn, i am pretty sure your baby and i would be bffs :)