I have been going back through all of our phone videos  and decided it was high time I downloaded them on our computer and backed them all up.  These are some videos from last summer that I love.

In the months before Brynnley was born we spent a ton of time down at my parents house. They babysat him while I took my clothing construction class, so we saw them at least twice a week. Jarom was always his buddy and entertained him. I took this video after they had been playing with this bouncy balloon ball forever. It was so hilarious and Caden laughing hysterically. If you watch carefully, at about 2:16 on the clock Jarom falls down the stairs. I about die laughing every time I watch this video.

My siblings spent a lot of time with Caden teaching him how to hit a baseball. He got it fairly quickly, like he does with most athletic things. He could hit the plastic balls across the yard almost every time. This video he misses quite a few but I love watching him. He actually hit better left handed last year. He writes with his right hand but lots of athletic things he uses both hands. We'll have to see where he ends up ;) This video is really long, but at the end it shows him hitting with his left hand, so I didn't want to cut it short.

He is the frisbee throwing champ. Seriously, he puts me to shame. He was catching and throwing a frisbee after a few times practicing with daddy. We bought him this awesome floppy frisbee for his Birthday. It is soft so it doesn't hurt to catch it, and it is really easy to throw. We spent many days out at the park throwing frisbee back and forth. Well not me.. Taylor and Caden, I just watched ;)

This is the first time Brynnley rolled over. I had a feeling she was about to get it, and we grabbed the camera. It was kind of a family event. Caden taking pictures with the flash. We were all cheering her on. It was pretty exciting!

*please excuse my annoying narrating through most of the videos.. I can't help it when I'm filming. I remind myself not to talk while I'm recording.. but words just come out. Sorry!


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Enoch and Tacy said...

These are SO fun! I can't believe how much they have both grown!