I Love Halloween

There is something about it that I have always loved. Maybe it's because it falls in my favorite month of the year? I love a lot of holidays.. but Halloween is something I get really excited for. I love haunted houses, dressing up, time with family. Last Halloween was so much fun. The weather was perfect! Beautiful blue skies, seventy five degrees, no jackets (or coats).. It was wonderful. We headed to my parents house in the morning so we could be there in time for main street trick or treating. My mom found a cute little ghost costume online for baby girls, I had everything at home to recreate it. It turned out pretty cute :) Caden dug through my parents costume boxes and decided he wanted to be the scream mask with the Dracula cape. haha. He was running the whole time he wore it. He'd hold the sides of the cape straight out so he looked like he was flying. We had a great time at main street. Caden got lots of dum dums (his favorite candy).

Taylor joined us when he got off work. He bought a morph suit a while back. He was so excited to wear it for Halloween. I'm sure he will wear it to BYU games this fall as well. We all carved pumpkins a few nights before. Caden had a ghost pumpkin, I did a polka dot pumpkin, Brynnley's was an imitation of her big eyes and tiny mouth, and Taylor did Pumpkin "pie". We had taco soup and homemade root beer. We love dry ice at our house, Caden was totally fascinated with blowing the smoke in the cooler. We went trick or treating around the neighborhood and visited the famous Wolf house, for their haunted house. On the way over one of the neighbor boys scared the living daylights out of me. I thought it was a fake person hanging from a tree.. Caden was terrified and I just kept saying "it isn't real, it isn't real"... well as I walked right up to it it was most definitely real... I shrieked. Goodness. Everyone was laughing. Even Caden. When we got back to the house we had a donut eating contest... which... I won! Yes, Taylor.. I did win. We drove around and looked at some of the fun decorated houses in the area. Then ended the night with the ghost game. It was seriously so much fun. We play it all the time now, Caden loves it! It was a fun day with family :)

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Maddy said...

hahaha i totally forgot about taylor's blue man outfit and i literally laughed out loud when i saw it again. i hope he keeps that forever!!!