I wasn't going to post about this.. but then I figured.. what the heck? 
It did take up a good 6 weeks of our lives; a miserable, tearful, snotty nosed 6 weeks.

We had continuous sickness at our house for 6 weeks.. no joke. When I got a seriously bad cold just after Caden's second bout of the stomach flu, I decided I would keep track of the ridiculous, continual sickness. Turns out... the list went on... and on... and on... I seriously thought we were never going to get better. Thanks to many answered prayers and diligent disinfecting we finally got better.

IMG_9692 wrIMG_9656wr
(the kiddos with pink eye, poor brynnley's eyes were swollen shut one morning)

It all started with a cold... my cold. Here's how it went (starting January 9th) :

lara - cold
brynnley - cold
caden - stomach flu
caden - cold
brynnley - croup
lara - stomach flu
taylor - stomach flu
caden - pneumonia (i know.. scary!)
caden - stomach flu (again!)
taylor - horrible cold
lara - horrible cold
brynnley - teething, her first tooth
caden - cold
caden - pink eye
taylor - stomach flu (again!)
caden - asthma cough
brynnley - pink eye
caden - major case of hives

and then it ended (February 20th). miraculously. The majority of the 6 weeks we spent sick at home our blinds were closed and lights were off because they always hurt Caden's eyes. I felt like a bat in a cave. No contact with the outside world. Richelle and my Mom probably got so sick of me calling, I needed someone to talk to! I was so cooped up. I quarantined our family to the house. There was no way I was going to spread our nasty sickness with everyone else, or take my kids out to pick up more sickness. Now the above list "colds" were not just minor cases of the sniffles.. They were really bad colds. The two biggest scares were when Caden got pneumonia and his major case of hives. He had had a bad cough for a few days, I figured it was just his asthma cough. He gets a bad cough every time he gets a cold. The kicker was that he'd had a bad fever for the full 3 days with the cough. I debated and decided to take him in since his fever hadn't gone. When I took him in the doctor was positive it was pneumonia, and it was a good thing I brought him in because he would have been hospitalized it I had waited for another 48 hours. I had no idea. As soon as they got him on antibiotics he had serious improvement. His big case of hives was another first for him. I have never even seen someone with hives before. He started getting them on a Saturday morning, I called the doctor and he had me put him on benedryl till Monday. After he had hives for a full 48 hours I took him in to the doctor. My deductive reasoning led me to believe it was either: 1. the antibiotic drops for his pink eye. or 2. honey. One time after we had given him benedryl 30 minutes before, his hives were gone, we gave him his eye drops and he broke out in hives all around one of his eyes. That seemed suspicious, and the doctor agreed. Honey.. dear honey. Caden loves honey, it is easily his favorite food. My dad has a slight allergy to raw honey, and although Caden had never had a reaction to it before I knew that allergies could develop over time. I stopped the eye drops immediately after he broke out around his eye. I stopped letting him eat honey after that as well. The doctor told me to keep him off honey for a week, then test it and see if he got hives again. His hives went away later that A Monday. A week later I was desperately hoping honey was not the culprit. We tested it and no hives! Thank goodness. Blast you antibiotic eye drops.

The time I got the stomach flu was the first time I have thrown up since I was pregnant with Caden. I have a seriously strong stomach, so throwing up was not a welcome experience. Brynnley's first tooth made her a little grumpy.. She fussed for about 2 days. She was really pretty well behaved. She just cut the other front 3 teeth this last week and had no problems what so ever. We are doing our best to stay well through the rest of the sick season. Caden did a round of probiotics. We are doing everything possible to boost our immune systems. Antibacterial wipes are in my diaper bag. We wipe everything off before using a cart, a restaurant table.. people look at me like I'm crazy. If I seem stand off-ish with anyone that is sick/has been sick, it isn't because I don't love you.. It's just that being near you isn't worth my family getting sick.

moral of the story is: wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, and for goodness sake stop going out and spreading your germs! 

the end :)

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