I am going back through my older pictures trying to filter out some of the fun activities we did the end of last year. I realize I probably won't get through all of our fun days, but some of my favorites will make it up.

September 29, 2011 my brother Ben played a great game of soccer. This was not just any regular soccer game. It was the championship game. Have you ever seen mighty ducks? That mean black team that wins every year? The team that thrives off winning, never takes any new members, is very mean? The mighty ducks being the major underdogs? Well that was how this game seemed in my mind. A championship against a team who had NEVER been defeated. Now, now.. not all the boys on the other team were mean.. just a few ;) I love a lot of those little boys on the other team.. but in my mind: It was WAR!

My brother's team had the great fortune of being coached by some of the BYU soccer players. They worked really hard with all of the boys and made this team, one to beat. I actually went to high school with both of their coaches. The game was close, and very fun to watch. We all cheered, even Caden. It was a beautiful day, I love fall in Utah.



IMG_9780mIMG_9731 copy






The game ended with a miracle (mighty ducks style) win ;) They beat the undefeated team in the championship. 
It was a proud moment for all of us!

..... and the other team walked away shocked, with heads hung low


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