My mom's side of the family heads up to our beautiful cabin every year for UEA weekend. It fell on the second to last weekend in October last year. Perfect timing for Halloween festivities. We just barely missed the peak of all the beautiful leaves. There were still tons of yellow quakies, but during the peak it is beyond believable. My Dad's parents built this cabin. It started with the cement walls poured for the basement and after several years of hard work they finished this beautiful cabin. I love being in that beautiful place, it reminds me of my grandpa. My Grandparents, Aunts and Cousins slept over for several nights. We went up on Friday to join in the activities. We weren't planning on sleeping over, but we were having so much fun.. We just decided to stay.

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My brother and cousins decided to play this hilarious game. Two people stood on opposite sides of the loft the other two stood in the middle of the floor below. The ball would start up top, they would throw the ball down to their teammate below, then they had to throw it back up top. Whoever completed the pass back first won the round. Simple right? No.. it was hilarious.. they were flying all over the room running into furniture and each other. It was very entertaining to watch.

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We did lots of festive Halloween activities. My grandma made cake pops to dip in chocolate, and she brought candy to decorate them. We had orange, white and milk chocolate. She made these amazing chocolate with fresh raspberry cake pops. They were to die for. My cute grandma. You just have to know her to get why this is so funny. This is her "witch" cake pop, haha. She made another one. She tore up little strips of red licorice and stuck it on coming out from under the hat. It's hair ;) Oh I love you grandma.

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We took an adventure on the 4-wheeler while it was still pretty early. This thing is occupied from dawn until dusk up there. There are so many beautiful trails and roads to drive on. This is Caden's favorite thing to do up there.

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This picture is for my mom :)

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There are big horse pastures for people to leave their horses in when they come up. We love watching the horses run through the huge field.

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Later we headed up to Smith Morehouse Reservoir for some fishing, this picture is also for my mom. We love this secluded, quite place.
Not to mention, the fishing is pretty good!

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Classic. I love this picture of my grandpa, he's the one who taught us all to fish. Sitting on his bright orange bucket with a cushion top and all the tackle inside, with his sun hat and sneakers. I love this man.

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Every year when we get together for a Halloween celebration we do the "Dead Man's Dinner". Just looking at these pictures makes me laugh.
My grandma slaved away all day making this dinner.

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We all gather round the dead man. My grandma tells the dreadful story of how this man passed away, but we are all starving, so we are going to eat him. My cousin Alex crying at the end of the table ;)
 Caden is mortified -- we are eating a dead man, with a pumpkin head, and it was wearing his shoes!

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Grandma unbuttons the clothes and takes a knife and cuts open the tin foil to unveil his organs. His chest is made of "ribs", his stomach is made of intestines (spaghetti), and his arms and legs are made of garlic bread. Caden started shrieking while we undressed it. Rachel was dying while she was holding him. Of course I think she was half the reason he started crying in the first place.. she seemed so concerned! ;)

IMG_9221 copy

He finally realized it was only food, and good food at that. We all enjoyed our delicious "dead man's dinner." Thank you grandma!

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We ended the night by playing Count Dracula, It is basically hide and seek in the dark, but when you are found you become a vampire and you have to hunt for the others still hiding. The basement is pitch black at night. You can't even see your hand in front of your face. My grandpa went and hid down in the corner of the bedroom down there, my boy cousins (all teenagers) were terrified to go down and look for him. He always scares the living daylights out of them. They looked everywhere and couldn't find him. Finally my Cousin Nick was feeling around the walls in the bedroom, he came up to the corner and put his hand right on my grandpa. My grandpa grabbed him and roared. I heard what sounded like a pack of terrorized girls in the basement, followed by an eruption of laughter. They turned the lights on and supposedly Nick's face was ghostly white! haha. Poor Nick. I love this family. We have such a great time together, I love feeling like a kid again playing games with them.

It was a great weekend


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OH Lara! This was so fun to read! I laughed so hard at some points and it just brought a flood of memories back! Brynn is so beautiful, there is a picture of you two where she is in her wrap that is just so fantastic of you two! Thank you for posting this. You are an amazing and awesome photographer!
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