I did a little 4 month photo shoot with Brynnley on October 26, 2011. A year ago on that day was when I took the pregnancy test that turned out to be positive. It is amazing what a miracle can take place in a year. She is the sweetest blessing. I love this little girl so much. 4 months is one of my favorite ages, I wanted to capture her in this age so I can always look back and remember.

You are my little princess, Brynn. I love you.

IMG_9600 copy

IMG_9745mpc copy

IMG_9419 copy

IMG_9418 copy

IMG_9411 copypc

IMG_9862 copy

IMG_9764 copy

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IMG_9656 copy

IMG_9667 copy

This last picture is quite possibly my favorite. We love looking at her eyes upside down. They are so big and beautiful. 
You are one pretty girl Miss B.



emily+brett said...


Aubrey Jensen said...

She is absolutely perfect. Her eyes my goodness so blue and that perfect almond shape- wow!

Ingrid said...

She is so beautiful! Just looking at her makes me smile!

n.davis said...

seriously LOVE these pictures! so gorgeous!
she is such a pretty little girl!

Maddy said...

sooo beautiful!