After we spent those six weeks of being sick I kind of hit Spring cleaning a little early. I wanted to get rid of stuff, dejunk and go through the kids clothes. I always felt like they had nothing to wear.. yet their drawers were overflowing with clothes! It took all day but after pulling everything out and trying everything on them, I ended up with 2 big garbage bags of clothes that needed to be stored. I can't believe how fast kids grow out of their clothes! No wonder I felt like they had nothing to wear, once I put the rest of their clothes back in their drawers there was tons of empty space! We need to go shopping, but I'm waiting for all the cute Spring/Summer stuff to come out first. I spent most of this day in Caden's room going through his drawers and closet. Brynnley is always entertained with his room. He has so many fun toys. She loves pulling the bins out from under his bed and picking through his goodies. She somehow always ends up with the same blue hot wheels car. I don't know how it makes it way around the house, but it is one of her favorite toys. I think I've spotted it in about fifty percent of my pictures of her! When we were digging through Caden's closet we found his football costume. He was so excited to show Brynnley, he put on the pads and the jersey and was telling her all about how they say "down, set, hike" and throw the ball. She was clueless and looked at him like he was speaking another language. Then he got the brilliant idea to see how the helmet looked on his sister. I love the sequence of pictures. Their faces are hilarious. First picture: caden thinking "aw yeah" nodding his head. Second picture: brynnley thinking "what... the... heck...". Third picture: caden trying to take the helmet off ever so carefully, brynnley thinking "i'm getting out of here". Fourth picture: caden so content and proud of himself, brynnley thinking "see what i have to put up with mom..". bahahah! They are such good sports with each other. I love watching them play. Brynnley pulled out my old baby doll from the closet and of course she went straight for its eyes. What is with babies and poking other baby's eyes? hmm. I'm getting Brynnley an adorable doll for her birthday. I think I might be more excited about it than she will be.
I love all the fun little girly things I get to enjoy now.

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Goodness, I love the light in my kid's rooms, it makes the pictures so whimsical.


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