Last week the weather was probably the best we've seen this year. Not that I'm complaining! This has been the best winter I've ever seen in Utah -- no snow! We went over to the park by Mimi's house after I picked Caden up from preschool last week. We had pizza and french fries and grilled cheese. My child, he is so strange. He hates 3 foods that I would consider a staple for most toddlers: pizza, peanut butter and ice cream! Who hates those foods? Come on! So he got the fries and grilled cheese instead while the rest of us ate pizza. I have been seriously crushing on his new sunglasses. We went up to city creek center a few weeks ago and I caved when I saw these. He did need a new pair of sunglasses. His eyes are so sensitive to the light. The doctor told me it is because he is so fair, blonde and blue eyed. I guess some kids with that description have issues with their pupils being extra large. I had never noticed it before, but seriously, when we are out on a bright day his pupils don't shrink like they should! Poor kid, I've been looking for a pair of glasses that have more of an amber tone because they are so much nicer to look through than the black. I found these and they were the perfect amber/rose tone. My personal favorite! Plus they're killer cute on him. What a stud. It was a really nice day, a little overcast and definitely not "typical march" temperature. We even got some sun. I am pretty confident in saying that Brynn did not get my skin. She was perfectly bronzed the next day with a stripe across her head from the headband she was wearing! Thank goodness, and lucky her. I am always so grateful when I bring my camera along. I love having pictures of my kids, and all the adorable things they do. They are so funny and sweet. I am so grateful that I can capture them in the moment and freeze them forever. They are my greatest blessings. Brynnley was being such a goober while we were there. She is so serious when we are around friends and family. It kills me. She will hold a perfectly straight face and people think she is just so somber. When we are at home she is a total goof. She pulls crazy faces that make me and Caden roll with laughter. So far uncle Lane is the only one who has really scored, getting her to pull crazy faces for him. I caught some of her scrunched nose, evil eyes and goofy smiles at the park. They are just classic faces. She is obsessed with waving at people lately. I was trying to get some pictures of her headband for my HowDoesShe post, and she just kept waving and gasping at all the kids that would ride by on bikes and scooters. Goober, seriously.. she is such a goob.

IMG_1844 copywrb

IMG_1848 copywrb

IMG_1815 copywr

"hi friends!"

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IMG_1855 copywrb

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IMG_1878 copywrb

IMG_1879 copywrb

IMG_1880 copywrb

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IMG_1904 copywrsIMG_1905 copywrs

IMG_1906 copywrb

IMG_1908 copywrb


IMG_1921 copywrb

nasty.. I don't know why I let her lick that. It was just so funny and classic baby...tasting everything.

IMG_1922 copywrb

IMG_1933 copywrb

IMG_1936 copywrsIMG_1928 copywrs

IMG_1930 copywrb

I love how he hooks his sunglasses on his shirt.. trying to be "just like daddy".
You are too cute little man.



Kara and Cody Markham said...

You kids are too cute!! I love them.

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Seriously adorable!

NewlyLoved said...

oh my goodness, these pictures are amazing
and those little headbands are too great!

xo Jessica

Maddy said...

i love these pics!! haha, i love her licking the swing :) can't wait to see you guys

Hannah said...

I got a little teary watching Caiden push Brynnley. Such great pictures and showing so much love and innocence