Easter weekend | Easter brunch party

I love living so close to family. It is so fun to have so many aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins who live nearby. My dad comes from a very big family, 9 kids! Grandma is a saint. There are 8 boys and 1 girl in the family. That means I have 9 aunts and 9 uncles and a whole lot of cousins. I think right now the family consists of (including my family) -- 32 grandchildren, 7 (almost 8) spouses to grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren (+ 2 on the way!) -- and would you believe I know all of them ;) That probably only comes from being among the older grandchildren. We had a big Easter brunch on Saturday before Easter. I have to say.. I think pot lucks should always be brunch food. It was the best party food I've ever had! Crepes with nutella and fruit, breakfast casserole, orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, fruit, eggs, orange juice, and lots of Easter goodies. We love going to Todd and Cindy's house, they have always been great hosts. Lane and I used to spend almost every weekend at their house. Thanks to our great relationships up there that is how I was introduced to Taylor. I will be forever grateful. They set up a little Easter egg hunt up in the backyard for the kids. Brynnley if over her fear of grass now that I've forced her to love it ;) We let her find some easy eggs around the swing set. She loves those plastic eggs, she could play with them for hours. Caden ran around on his own finding quite a few eggs. We spent the rest of the early afternoon playing with all the fun toys in their backyard and watching a few games of 500. It was a beautiful sunny day. My two youngest cousins were there, one of which I hadn't met yet! He was born a couple months after Brynnley, crazy, my youngest cousin is younger than my second child! I love it. All of my baby cousins are so darling. Brynnley and Jude had fun touching each others faces and stealing plastic eggs from each other. We had a great time! Thanks for the fun party Cindy!

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Look at that evil eye. She is a stinker ;)



Enoch and Tacy said...

How fun!!! What a big, beautiful family!

Frances said...

Look at those eyes!!! Oh my goodness, she's adorable!
I have a question for you, I was wondering who did your blog design. I LOVE it!!! Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!!!

Lara said...

Thanks Franny! I actually designed it myself ;) I'm kind of a nerd and spent forever figuring out how to change my HTML. This website: is super helpful. I use that and just searched any questions I had on Google to figure it all out!

Erin Field said...

Love the pictures! Happy Easter!

Hannah said...

You have such beautiful children! I can't believe how fast caiden grew up... seriously!

:: ashley :: said...

why am i just finding your blog? stunning!