Easter Sunday

My grandma and grandpa Lambson always throw a really funEaster egg hunt. I really love going to spend time at their house, I have so many good memories there. This year we celebrated Aunt Janeen's birthday on Easter Sunday. We had a huge Easter egg hunt in the orchard behind the house and Caden had his own personal "easy" Easter egg hunt in the front yard ;) It was a beautiful day, it was warm and perfect weather. The whole winter was so mild and we finally had a spring this year! We had yummy cake and ice cream as the sun set. The sunsets are always so beautiful over antelope island. I love looking out over the valley from their back yard. It is crazy looking back at these pictures and seeing how little Brynnley seemed just 3 months ago. I sure try to soak up her littleness every day. She is so precious. Caden and Brynn always have a great time with my siblings and cousins. Caden was especially excited to spend time with his favorite "girlfriend" Mikayla. I asked him why he calls her his girlfriend and he told me "because she is the nicest cousin friend girl". She is so good with him and always plays with him. We sure love her. It was a really fun afternoon spent enjoying good food and good company.

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Grandpa's Plum tree in full blossom
IMG_2502 copywr
Nick finding the "special egg" with $5 inside, Grandpa hid it so well that we almost all gave up ;)
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gots lots of catchin' up to do over here.. might take me a very long while ;)