This place. There is something about Oakley that is a little magical. Small town in the middle of nowhere, fields for miles and pure country living. It is pretty perfect up there. Deep down a part of me that wants to be a cowgirl. The Oakley rodeo stuck fast as a family tradition the first time we went so many years ago. We love rodeos, especially this one. I couldn't resist a little mini shoot with Brynn all dressed up in her denim vest. The tall grass was so pretty and the rosy sunset cast the perfect lighting! I am lucky to get a shot of her looking at the camera these days, and most of those shots consist of the funny faces she likes to pull. The picture of her and daddy walking into the sunset towards the rodeo arena snatched my breath away. Perfect daddy daughter moment. They share a special kind of love. The rodeo was great as always, the bulls were on fire and scored 9 to 0 against the cowboys. I think that is the first time I have ever seen a rodeo go without a single cowboy making it to 8 seconds on a bull! We ended the night with fireworks and headed to the cabin for a good night sleep. We had a great time riding four wheelers with the Taylor's and had a yummy bbq before the rodeo events began. Maddie kicked down the door to the haunted cabin which was probably the highlight of Caden's day. I mean, what ninja turtle obsessed, little boy wouldn't die and go to heaven watching a martial arts world champion, not much taller than him, kick down the door to a house. He was in pure awe and wouldn't stop talking about it. 
The entire day was pretty perfect and the best kick off to our Independence Day celebration!

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Time flies way too fast between birthdays for my little ones. Saying that Brynn is two kind of breaks my heart! The first two years are so special and fun, watching your baby grow into this independent little sassy thing. My girl, she is so full of life and energy and love for everything in the world around her.

The birthday started out waking up to a bedroom filled with pink balloons. Her whole face lit up when she stood up in her crib. She laid on them and kept saying "It's Bynny's Birfday" in awe. We quickly headed to Caden's swim lesson down at Steele and Perry's Great Grandmas house. Brynn loved playing with her little friends while Caden swam. The birthday breakfast request was a "pink bagle with pink cream cheese" from Einstein Brothers. They were all out of cranberry bagels when we got there so we made due with blueberry instead. Three bagels with strawberry shmear later we were heading to the store to pick up a few last minute presents. I tell ya, Girls this age are way too fun to shop for. Caden was so into picking out barbies and princesses and helping her pick which ones were her favorites. We headed home with a few bags of presents and some cupcake ingredients. When the kiddos woke up from naptime we headed to Color Me Mine with Daddy. Brynn decided that she wanted a "princess bowl" for her cereal and soup. She slopped paint onto the bowl but quickly decided it was more fun to paint the butcher paper covering our table. Caden came up with a great batman design for his cup and was seriously involved with Daddy in making it perfect. We ran to Malawi's for some pizza, bbq chicken for the birthday girl. Her and Caden decided that they wanted to have her "party" at a park near our house. We took cupcakes and lots of bright pink presents to meet up with my family for her little birthday party. It turned out to be a perfect night. Delicious raspberry lemonade cupcakes and way too many cute princess toys. Miss Brynn couldn't have been happier. We finally have some real girl toys in our house! As for the park.. you can't ask for much more than the attention of every adult in the family. We played until it was dark and ended the night with some glow sticks. She begged us to stay because she didn't want her birthday party to end. The next day I woke up to Caden grinning down at me as I laid in bed. He had one princess barbie in each hand. I followed him out to the living room strewn with packaging and scissors. He had cut open every one of her toys and laid them in a row so Brynn could play with them when she woke up. Needless to say, he has loved her girl toys just as much as she has. Boys need a little barbie play time in their lives. It builds character ;) We sure love you little miss cutie pie. You are the perfect little addition to our family and I can't imagine my life without you. Oh, and please stop growing up so fast!

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This is my first edited video ever! When we went to California a couple months back I realized that video was something that we needed for our family. We had a really old horrible quality tape recorder but there are only a handful of recordings we have taken at births and really big events. It breaks my heart that my kids won't have hardly any video of the first years of their lives. I wish more than anything that I could go back and be more diligent even with what we had. I sold my camera and bought a new one with amazing video capabilities. Lane and Rachel inspired me to learn video and editing. There is something so powerful about film and music together. I am so grateful for them and all the help and guidance they have given me with starting video. So here is the first of hopefully many many much better videos to come!
Happy Birthday B! Thanks for filming this Lane!



Weddings have to be one of my favorite things of all time. This last week our life long friends the Taylors had the first wedding in their family! My Dad and Alan have been best friends since they were 4! I mean, that's a long time! We have such a great time when we get together with their family. Really, we don't stop laughing and joking. My family helped some with the preparations for the wedding reception. I knew I needed to bring my camera because from what I had heard... it was going to be incredible. It couldn't have been a more perfect. Honestly, if I could start from scratch and redo the whole wedding thing.. I would copy and paste this one. Everything from Hannah's dress to the bottles hanging from the rafters. It was perfect. We had such a great time dancing and eating the most delicious cookies and key lime pie bars I have ever tasted. They had a milk bar, which my kids were in love with! Chocolate, strawberry and good old plain milk went perfect with all the sweets. My brother played DJ for the night when the live singer wasn't on stage. Brynn has recently gone complete ham when she is in front of the camera. She loves to pull faces and giggles the entire time she is doing it! She definitely got the "face pulling gene", which we all know was created when my Dad and Allan were in college together. That Brynnley girl.... she has the most adorable beautiful smile and a perfect curly storm of hair. I can't believe how beautiful she is. The warm sunlight played perfectly on the barn the entire evening. We ended the night with sparklers and Caden blocking the car door while Simon tried to let his bride in. He stood there in bewilderment as we all called his name and the photographer was taking pictures in his direction. He was totally confused as to what was going on. After cleanup began Laura and Maddy headed for the untouched strawberry cake and sunk their mouths right into it. Cake smash. They would randomly come back for more bites while they packed things up. The highlight picture of the day has to be "Gord & Beth". It was pretty amazing to see them show up to the reception together!! haha! Every night since Brynn has asked if we are going to "a party with pink milk and cookies and cupcakes and chocolate milk" in the morning. This was one party to beat. Congrats Simon and Hannah!!

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hem, hem... Gord & Beth right there ^^^ pretty awesome ;)