Lets see... do I still remember how to do this whole blog thing? 

Lets just say 2 kids = no time. I look back at that first year of brynnleys life and wonder how on earth I kept up somewhat on blogging! It's a crying shame that I haven't been keeping record of what has been happening in our lives! Oh so much has happened and my kids are growing up so fast! I can hardly believe my eyes. 

Brynn is a little ham. I love her to death. She is talking like a little grown up. She adores Caden and wants to be his little sidekick at all times. She is a sassy feisty little thing too and she can definitely stand on her own two feet! She is my little warm weather summer girl and we are getting more and more excited as the weather keeps warming up here.

Caden is my little ninja super hero lover. The boy is into every single super hero / ninja turtle / transformer. Him and his little buddy Steele have the best time making super heros up and running wild around the house. He is doing so well in preschool and talks my ear off the entire way home every day. He has been learning about weather and the rain cycle lately and every time we walk outside on a cloudy day he says "it smells like thunder". He is the best big brother and such a good buddy for me. He is my little sweet heart, wild child. 

Life has been busy with well... just life! Entertaining two kids and keeping some sort of order in the house is a full time job. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else! 

"Goggle Guy" is the latest obsession since we finally got the kids some goggles for the summer! I will never forget the first time Steele came over to our house with his goggles on and stared up at me "I'm goggle guy". It has been a sad week watching our first "real" neighbors move and we are going to miss having Caden's best friend right next door. It's a good thing they aren't moving too far!


We will see if I can keep this updated every once in a while. The photos from the last year seem a little too daunting to get caught up on right now, but hopefully someday I will get to them!


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n.davis said...

i'm glad you're behind too. ;)
i'm so behind. i pretend to be caught up..but
i'm so far back. haha.

blogging party!!;)