We spend what was supposed to be their first day of school making the 9 hour drive back home from our trip to Lake Tahoe. It was kind of a harsh way to end summer, haha. We love summer and I hate it when the kids have to be back in school. We ended summer with a boom of a vacation and then went straight back to school. Brynnley with her glowing tan just kills me. Caden started school on Tuesday and Brynnley started on Wednesday. I can't believe they are both in school now. I'm glad I get to enjoy one more year of having Brynn home half of the days of the week before she starts kindergarten. Gosh, kindergarten.. It's weird to say that will be where she's at in a year! She seems so little. With holding Caden back a year he didn't start till he was 6, and she will barely be 5! They were both so excited to start school. Caden is my little school lover, he loves his teachers and math and science. He was giddy to get back at it. Me I sat at home and felt sad for a week. Haha. I should be glad to get back on a schedule and routine, but I just miss the freedom of taking them to do fun things all day every day.


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